The Wayfarer Model #51-C TB

The Wayfarer Model #51-C TB

The Wayfarer Model Webster’s Dictionary Defines a “Wayfarer” as: noun, wā-fer-er, a traveler, a traveler especially on foot. When I was younger, we travelled to foreign lands. Surfboard bags filled with a quiver to handle what we most thought we would need. Two trusty shortboards, a step up for bigger surf, and something fat just in case the waves are small or mushy. Two tee shirts and two boardshorts, rubber sandals, hat, and one set of traveler’s clothes on our backs, for the flight to and from, also which doubled for pajamas. Cotton sleepsack made it so we could slide onto the board bag in colder weather, but that was a rarity. Taking only what you needed was the motto. Of course, there was always room for that Ukulele. You’d never pack your favorite or most expensive uke, but still a quality, beautiful sounding one, nonetheless. “Noodle arms”, tropical sunburnt skin, maybe a cut or two from the razor-sharp reef that we encountered during our surf session and an “ear to ear” smile. Recalling the day’s rides would the topic of our conversations. While, playing ukulele under a coconut tree with a cold beer and relaxing in the shade with a song and a tune in paradise. These were the dreams of our anticipation. So many times, our dreams came true! The Wayfarer Model Ukulele is a part of that dream. It’s an all mahogany ukulele, unfinished interior, no bells, no whistles, just great sound at a great price. Grover tuners, Aquila Red strings, Bone saddle and nut. Available in Tenor, Concert, or Soprano, with the neck connection at 14th fret. Limited up-grades and no substitutions. Left-handed models are available at no extra charge. TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # # 51-C TB Name: The Wayfarer Model Size: Concert Body Type: Figure Eight Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Mahogany Sides: Mahogany Back: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Mahogany Bridge: Mahogany / Rosewood Headstock: Mahogany Other: Pick guard

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The Inouye Model 1

The Inouye Model 1 (SOLD)

This was a great build with beautiful woods and went to a very capable player! See them on their YouTube posts as “ElementalFunk”, where they play some great stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. Together with a childhood friend of mine, Brian Yamamoto, they play some of those Hawaiian radio favorites too! I’m always excited to build for “players”, although it can be hard to rise up to their expectations sometimes, but Wade was great to work with and helped by giving me some “lee way“ in the build. He chose some woods from my exotic wood stash and good input on the specs. The look is amazing but, more importantly, the sound is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to build your dream Ukulele! TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # 56-SC Name: The Inouye Model 1 Size: Super Concert Body Type: Figure Eight Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Figured Redwood Sides: Figured Mango Back: Figured Mango Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Headstock:  Figured Mango Other: Binding: Rosewood  

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The Barnes Model 1

The Barnes Model 1 (SOLD)

Mr. Barnes was looking for a special ukulele – a simple build with astounding wood selections for the top back and sides, matching headplates and vintage finish. He chose Figured Koa from my back stock of woods. The tonal quality of the wood was amazing even before I re-sawed it to thickness. As the parts hit the sander the beauty became more and more evident! Then the finish was applied and the surface of the wood exploded with color and contrasts that even I did not think would be visible! I strung it up in anticipation of the first strum. There it was, that classic Koa -Hawaiian sound. So smooth and soothing. Needless to say Mr. Barnes was a happy camper too. TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # 53-SCP Name: The Barnes Model 1 Size: Super Concert   Body Type: Piña Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Koa Sides: Koa Back: Koa Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Koa Bridge: Koa/Rosewood Headstock: Koa Other: N/A

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Figure Eight Super Concert Thin Body The Asher 1

The Asher 1 (SOLD)

A custom order for Luthier Bill Asher of “Asher Guitars”. All the Brazilian Rosewood supplied through the Penberthy Collection. The top is Redwood found in a barn sited for demolition. The barn was built between 1900 and 1905 and the repurposed lumber was split up between some wood fanatics. Handed down to me from a “mad” wood collector, one of the 4” x 10” support posts proved to be tight grained and perfectly quarter sawn with vertical grain – and more material from this post is available for future builds! The Hummingbird and the Plumeria flowers are inlayed white shell – an ongoing tribute to Bill’s Mother. The Bridge ties up the Strings with Scrimshawed Ivory from an old fan found in an Auction. Altogether the sound and resonance are unreal! TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # 40-SC TB Name: The Asher 1 Size: Super Concert Thin Body Body Type: Figure Eight Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Redwood Sides: Brazilian Rosewood Back: Brazilian Rosewood Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Brazilian Rosewood Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood Headstock: Brazilian Rosewood Other: Binding: Brazilian Rosewood with white PurflingRosette: Half Chevron  

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Concert Piña Mauka


The Mauka simply translates to “Mountain side”. It is the antonym of Makai (Oceanside). In Hawaii it is a direction. Not so much North, South, East or West, But towards the sea, or towards the mountain. This sound of this Super Concert Ukulele has the feeling of Mauka. The forest hills and gentile rains are broken by beams of light as the rolling clouds dance across the sky. The rustle of banana leaves, and the sounds of horses on the ranch by the waterfalls create the back drop for the sounds of Hawaii. All you need to do is strum a while. This is the Mauka. Let’s go up da mountain! TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # 38-SCP Name: Mauka Size: Concert Body Type: Piña Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Figured Koa Sides: Figured Koa Back: Figured Koa Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Koa Bridge: Figured Koa / Rosewood Headstock: Figured Koa Other: N/A

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Concert Figure Eight Dr. Oto Model

Dr. Oto Model (SOLD)

Custom for Craig Yamamoto TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # 26-C Name: Dr. Oto Model Size: Concert Body Type: Figure Eight Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Figured Redwood Sides: Quilted Maple Back: Quilted Maple Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Headstock: Maple with Rosewood inlay Other: Rosewood binding

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Pake Boy hero pose

Pake Boy (SOLD)

This concert ukulele is easier to play and has more fret room than a soprano, but it still has the bright, cheery voice you probably expect from your ukulele. This Concert ukulele has a body, neck and headstock all made of Okoumé. This African Mahogany ukulele has a beautiful sound! Bright and clear!   ” I love okoumé (one of many African Mahogany woods), as it a renewable resource, fast growing and plentiful, it also has very good sound quality and strength to weight ratio. Perfect for instrument building. — Luthier quote Just like its namesake, the Pake Boy plays with beautiful voicing. Playing the Pake Boy takes me back to summers in “Town,” surfing with friends, and listening to the sounds of Hawaii… Previous image Next image FEATURES • acoustic, concert ukulele.• bright, cheery sound quality.• lightweight with great string action.• made from okoumé mahogany with accents of basswood and rosewood.• fret position inlays.• all wood is from reclaimed sources.   TALKIN’ STORY I had a friend in Kalihi. He was of Chinese Descent. Everyone called him Pake Boy. Pake Boy’s folks worked in a local restaurant. Dad cooking tasty items like Chicken Long Rice and Pork Chow fun. Mom served the tables with “plenty Aloha”. She was the local “Auntie” to all the kids who stopped by for a small lilikoi drink after school. Pake Boy didn’t have a lot of money, but he was always dressed so neat and clean. He was always singing Hawaiian songs he learned in the school choir. Pake Boy saved his tips from delivering “plate lunch” to the neighborhood. How one year I visited him and he showed me the brand new surfboard he had bought with his tip savings. While building this ukulele, I thought of Pake Boy and his family. How beautifully he sang. And decided to name this ukulele in his honor.

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Ka Waiola hero pose

Ka Waiola (SOLD)

 If strumming a ukulele deep next to a stream in a peaceful forest appeals to you, this ukulele will bring you joy! This beautiful ukulele has an amazing sound! Bright and beautiful.  This concert ukulele has a body made primarily of curly maple (reminiscent of babbling water) with a top made of NorCal redwood (an iconic California forest) that was repurposed from an Oregon barn beam. The Indian rosewood fretboard has inlayed basswood fret markers. The headstock is a sandwich of okoumé mahogany and curly maple. These woods complement each other beautifully and are all from sustainable, repurposed, or reclaimed sources. Strung with Aquila Nylgut strings for that bright playful sound, this one’s ready for a day at the park with your friends. Strum her four strings and the sound of angels will flow to your ear. Previous image Next image FEATURES • acoustic concert ukulele.• bright, clear sound quality.• lightweight with great string action.• a multi-species beauty, made of curly maple, NorCal redwood, walnut, ebony, Indian rosewood, and okoumé mahogany.• soundboard (top) from NorCal redwood, repurposed from an Oregon barn.• fret markers made of basswood.• desirable Ghoto Planetary tuners in Gld/Blk.• beautifully hand finished in Shellac. TALKIN’ STORY Living Water Ka Waiola (“Living Water”) runs by you and you hear the aloha in its babble. A majestic tree drinks from her flow and all that lives and loves finds peace at her eddy. You too can know the “Living Water”. Strum her four strings and the sound of angels will flow to your ear. Drink of her, those who thirst! Drink of her and sing with her. The sounds of beauty and sights of Hula will dance before you in procession of praise. Conflict, and war, the noises of the world are held silent as her four strings of harmony surround your being. Meditate on the sounds she gives freely and drink of her cup. Ka Waiola. Mahalo

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