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Da Holoholo

Da Holoholo

This Baritone Ukulele is just fo’ dat!  When we cruise out with our friends to go kanikapila, we’d always bring all kine sounds, but nevah fo’get da Baritone! Whether you tune ‘em like one guitah, or regula’ kine tuning for one ukulele, it’s always got the big sound. Beautiful and full of warm feelings, the […]

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The Penberthy 2

The Penberthy 2

Here’s a beauty! When a wood connoisseur brings you this kind of wood, sourced on the Big Island of Hawaii, and wants all the bells and whistles, this is what you get. TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # # 59-T Name: The Penberthy 2 Size: Tenor Body Type: Figure Eight Type of Build: Custom WOOD

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The Wayfarer Model #48-T Left-Handed

The Wayfarer Model #48-T

The Wayfarer Model Webster’s Dictionary Defines a “Wayfarer” as: noun, wā-fer-er, a traveler, a traveler especially on foot. When I was younger, we travelled to foreign lands. Surfboard bags filled with a quiver to handle what we most thought we would need. Two trusty shortboards, a step up for bigger surf, and something fat just

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The Penberthy 1

The Penberthy 1

A custom order for Gary Penberthy, we built this spectacular Ukulele in conjunction with the Asher 1. Both are similar builds but with slight variations on top woods and size.  The top is Sitka Spruce – I love the tonal qualities of Sitka Spruce – while the rest is almost entirely Brazilian Rosewood. All the

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Concert Piña Mauka


The Mauka simply translates to “Mountain side”. It is the antonym of Makai (Oceanside). In Hawaii it is a direction. Not so much North, South, East or West, But towards the sea, or towards the mountain. This sound of this Super Concert Ukulele has the feeling of Mauka. The forest hills and gentile rains are

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Soprano Piña Pilipiña


It used to be, when you drove from “Town” to “Country” there were miles and miles of Pineapples or Piña. Occasionally you would see rows of workers preparing the pineapples for picking. I remember stopping to “steal” lunch along the road as the ripe, golden piña called outmy name. I jumped out of the car

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Birdy Sunset

Birdy Sunset

Hāmākua Musical Instruments is honored to work with Joe Vickers Art to create beautiful collaborative pieces. We strive to build the best sounding ukulele with an ease of playability and quality to last generations. Joe Vickers Art fits our genre with amazing color pallets and whimsical coastline themes. Joe Vickers Art uses a myriad of

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