Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Evening rolls down after a hard day on the ranch – ranch hands and pi-pi alike are resting.  The sun starts to set and light paints the sky with bright colors. The trade winds rustle through the tall grass near the lanai.  The electric kettle whistles and milk is warmed on the stove.  Finely ground […]

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Takusagawa Model

Takusagawa Model (SOLD)

The Takusagawa Model is a tenor ukulele built with warm tones and high resonance.  Rosewood and spruce is the perfect combination for this purpose! The radiused fretboard is also implemented for ease of playing and comfort in barring. Her owner is now enjoying all the aspects of Aloha dressed in this instrument! Feel the Aloha…

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The Beverly Model  

The Beverly Model (SOLD)

This customer wanted something in light wood tones and bold, dramatic accents. Quilted maple came to mind and beautiful Santos Rosewood was worked into all the accents. This is an “Elite” type of build.  Enhanced design changes like a mortise and tenon neck connection for better sound conductivity between the neck and the body, a radiused

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Uke Akai

Uke Akai (SOLD)

Although Carob wood is not considered “exotic”, it sure is beautiful! The grain and shades for red, pink and cream, paired well with another uncommon wood, bloodwood. This is an “Elite” build and was made concurrently with another “Elite” build, The Gilman Model Ukulele. Enhanced design changes like a mortise and tenon neck connection for

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The Gilman Model

The Gilman Model (SOLD)

I met UkeKurt and felt a kin-ship right away. He had dreamed about a beautiful ukulele and described it in detail to me. Immediately, I wanted to build it. I wanted a super beautiful looking masterpiece that had even greater resonance and sound quality than anything I had previously built. Enhanced design changes like a

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The Penberthy 2

The Penberthy 2

Here’s a beauty! When a wood connoisseur brings you this kind of wood, sourced on the Big Island of Hawaii, and wants all the bells and whistles, this is what you get. TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # # 59-T Name: The Penberthy 2 Size: Tenor Body Type: Figure Eight Type of Build: Custom WOOD

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The Hummingbird 1

The Hummingbird 1 (SOLD)

The gentle beauty of the hummingbird. Floating impossibly still, nurtures itself from the nectar of the Plumeria tree. From branch to branch, soaking up the gift of the blossoms and in trade, they sing their song of pure love and their wings hum the melody. There are many varieties of hummingbird so we hope the

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The Wayfarer Model #48-T Left-Handed

The Wayfarer Model #48-T

The Wayfarer Model Webster’s Dictionary Defines a “Wayfarer” as: noun, wā-fer-er, a traveler, a traveler especially on foot. When I was younger, we travelled to foreign lands. Surfboard bags filled with a quiver to handle what we most thought we would need. Two trusty shortboards, a step up for bigger surf, and something fat just

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