Soprano Piña Pilipiña


It used to be, when you drove from “Town” to “Country” there were miles and miles of Pineapples or Piña. Occasionally you would see rows of workers preparing the pineapples for picking. I remember stopping to “steal” lunch along the road as the ripe, golden piña called outmy name. I jumped out of the car but when I reached out it stung me with one of its serrated blades! I sat down sucking on my wound when She appeared out of nowhere! “You scared me half to death! Where did you come from?” I asked. She was so beautiful I forgot my hand was bleeding. She said, “I came from the pineapples…” she turned while humming a hymn. The next thing I know she had returned to me with a nice ripe pineapple. Smiling and humming along she told me to stop any time I saw her along the road, and she would have more for me. I couldn’t shake her from my memory and though I am old, I still think back on her beautiful smile, her warm aloha, and the thought that she would always have more for me! To her memory I built this Soprano Piña Ukulele. In her small stature you will find a beautiful smile while humming along, warm aloha, and she will always have more for you. Sweet memories… Mahalo! TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # 32-SP Name: Pilipiña Size: Soprano Body Type: Piña Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Figured Mahogany Sides: Figured Mahogany Back: Figured Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Headstock: Koa Other: N/A

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Soprano Figure Eight Mele Nahenahe

Mele Nahenahe (SOLD)

I can hear the song birds sing, the Koki frogs are croaking, the clucking sounds of a moa wahine and her keiki by the roadside. The ditch pours the morning rains into the bay as the waves crash along the shore. Children playing in the sand, laughing at the sand crabs as they pop in and out of their holes and the sounds of kanikapila at Auntie Lois’ porch. Voices in harmony, the elements of nature and the strumming ukulele, praising Life and Aloha and lifting up their hearts to Mele Nahenahe, a beautiful noise… Oh, Kalihiwai so beautiful, with a wave so strong and a bay of beauty. This place inspired this build as the waves evident in the birds-eye maple sides and figured koa top, back and headstock are bound by the re-purposed black walnut. So beautiful, so right, picking her up sits me on the sandy shore watching surfers and the elements explode in a beautiful dance. The sounds of Mele Nahenahe will bring it all together. Mahalo TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # 31-S Name: Mele Nahenahe Size: Soprano Body Type: Figure Eight Type of Build: Basic WOOD Top: Koa Sides: Birds eye Maple Back: Koa Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Headstock: Koa Other: N/A

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