Pake Boy hero pose

Pake Boy (SOLD)

This concert ukulele is easier to play and has more fret room than a soprano, but it still has the bright, cheery voice you probably expect from your ukulele. This Concert ukulele has a body, neck and headstock all made of Okoumé. This African Mahogany ukulele has a beautiful sound! Bright and clear!   ”

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Ka Waiola hero pose

Ka Waiola (SOLD)

 If strumming a ukulele deep next to a stream in a peaceful forest appeals to you, this ukulele will bring you joy! This beautiful ukulele has an amazing sound! Bright and beautiful.  This concert ukulele has a body made primarily of curly maple (reminiscent of babbling water) with a top made of NorCal redwood (an

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