Tenor Ukulele: The Royal Hawaiian

If you’d like to feel regal when you play, the Royal Hawaiian is the uke for you!  While you may be tempted to simply gaze at this beauty, make no mistake – this is ukulele sounds even better than it looks. 

Concert Piña Ukulele: Pineapple Picker

 If you love the pineapple shape, this concert uke is the one for you!  This beautiful ukulele is dazzling to behold.  Concert ukuleles are a few inches longer than sopranos which gives you a fuller sound and a better note range. 

Soprano Pineapple Ukulele: Pilipiña

If you love the beauty of Hawaiian koa, this is the uke for you!  The Hawaiian koa that was used to make this soprano ukulele is of exceptional beauty.  The koa gives this ukulele a lovely voice that is sure to captivate those around you. 

Soprano Ukulele: Mele Nahenahe

With its high, clear voice, the sound of a soprano ukulele is quintessential Hawaii.  If you’d like to imagine relaxing on the beach singing along with family and friends, this is the ukulele for you!  This ukulele combines the classic ukulele shape with a snazzy two-tone body so it’s quite the beauty. 

Concert Ukulele: Pake Boy

This concert ukulele is easier to play and has more fret room than a soprano, but it still has the bright, cheery voice you probably expect from your ukulele. This Concert ukulele has a body, neck and headstock all made of Okoumé. This African Mahogany ukulele has a beautiful sound! Bright and clear!

Concert Ukulele: Ka Waiola

 If strumming a ukulele deep next to a stream in a peaceful forest appeals to you, this ukulele will bring you joy! This beautiful ukulele has an amazing sound! Bright and beautiful. 

Tenor Ukulele: Bubbles and Bunnies

If you love whimsey and inlay, here’s a fun ukulele for you!  You’ll laugh at the adorable bunnies frolicking across the fretboard while bubbles float above on the headstock.  The sound hole has a beautiful rosette that suggests a gentle breeze caressing this playful scene.