Pake Boy (SOLD)

This concert ukulele is easier to play and has more fret room than a soprano, but it still has the bright, cheery voice you probably expect from your ukulele. This Concert ukulele has a body, neck and headstock all made of Okoumé. This African Mahogany ukulele has a beautiful sound! Bright and clear!

” I love okoumé (one of many African Mahogany woods), as it a renewable resource, fast growing and plentiful, it also has very good sound quality and strength to weight ratio. Perfect for instrument building.

— Luthier quote

Just like its namesake, the Pake Boy plays with beautiful voicing. Playing the Pake Boy takes me back to summers in “Town,” surfing with friends, and listening to the sounds of Hawaii…


• acoustic, concert ukulele.
• bright, cheery sound quality.
• lightweight with great string action.
• made from okoumé mahogany with accents of basswood and rosewood.
• fret position inlays.
• all wood is from reclaimed sources.


I had a friend in Kalihi. He was of Chinese Descent. Everyone called him Pake Boy.

Pake Boy’s folks worked in a local restaurant. Dad cooking tasty items like Chicken Long Rice and Pork Chow fun. Mom served the tables with “plenty Aloha”. She was the local “Auntie” to all the kids who stopped by for a small lilikoi drink after school.

Pake Boy didn’t have a lot of money, but he was always dressed so neat and clean. He was always singing Hawaiian songs he learned in the school choir. Pake Boy saved his tips from delivering “plate lunch” to the neighborhood. How one year I visited him and he showed me the brand new surfboard he had bought with his tip savings.

While building this ukulele, I thought of Pake Boy and his family. How beautifully he sang. And decided to name this ukulele in his honor.