Ka Waiola (SOLD)

 If strumming a ukulele deep next to a stream in a peaceful forest appeals to you, this ukulele will bring you joy! This beautiful ukulele has an amazing sound! Bright and beautiful. 

This concert ukulele has a body made primarily of curly maple (reminiscent of babbling water) with a top made of NorCal redwood (an iconic California forest) that was repurposed from an Oregon barn beam. The Indian rosewood fretboard has inlayed basswood fret markers. The headstock is a sandwich of okoumé mahogany and curly maple. These woods complement each other beautifully and are all from sustainable, repurposed, or reclaimed sources.

Strung with Aquila Nylgut strings for that bright playful sound, this one’s ready for a day at the park with your friends. Strum her four strings and the sound of angels will flow to your ear.


• acoustic concert ukulele.
• bright, clear sound quality.
• lightweight with great string action.
• a multi-species beauty, made of curly maple, NorCal redwood, walnut, ebony, Indian rosewood, and okoumé mahogany.
• soundboard (top) from NorCal redwood, repurposed from an Oregon barn.
• fret markers made of basswood.
• desirable Ghoto Planetary tuners in Gld/Blk.
• beautifully hand finished in Shellac.


Living Water

Ka Waiola (“Living Water”) runs by you and you hear the aloha in its babble. A majestic tree drinks from her flow and all that lives and loves finds peace at her eddy. You too can know the “Living Water”.

Strum her four strings and the sound of angels will flow to your ear. Drink of her, those who thirst! Drink of her and sing with her.

The sounds of beauty and sights of Hula will dance before you in procession of praise. Conflict, and war, the noises of the world are held silent as her four strings of harmony surround your being. Meditate on the sounds she gives freely and drink of her cup. Ka Waiola.