Pineapple Picker

 If you love the pineapple shape, this concert uke is the one for you!  This beautiful ukulele is dazzling to behold.  Concert ukuleles are a few inches longer than sopranos which gives you a fuller sound and a better note range. 

This concert ukulele is made of Okoumé mahogany, a sustainably grown favorite for building musical instruments. The rosewood headstock really makes this beauty stand out in the crowd. The basswood fret markers add a subtle, but practical, detail. The light reflecting off the figured body is mesmerizing.

Strung with Aquila Nylgut strings for that bright playful sound, this one’s ready for a day at the park with your friends or just a quiet day on your own. Playing ukes and sharing good times!


    • acoustic, concert pineapple ukulele.
    • dazzling okoumé mahogany body.
    • contrasting rosewood headstock plate is striking.
    • inlaid, basswood fret markers.
    • soft vee neck, connected at the 12th fret.
    • 17 frets total.
    • cheery, clear sound.
    • larger frets are easier to play than a soprano.
    • beautifully hand finished with Shellac.



The body of this piña is all from a single piece of wood. The mesmerizing glow in the wood reminds me of times playing a ukulele with friends around a low burning campfire.

A ukulele builder and friend who retired from instrument building told me stories and how dearly he missed the excitement of seeing an instrument build go “all da way!” I hope the “fire” that is in this wood is like the fire in your heart when “all da way” is achieved for you!