Tea Tray Lennon (SOLD)

The Tea Tray Lennon TYPE OF INSTRUMENT UKULELE Instrument # Tea Tray Lennon Name: Tea Tray Lennon Size: Baritone Body Type: Rectangular  Type of Build: Cigar Box WOOD Top: One piece Sugar Pine Sides: One piece Sugar Pine Back:  Lennon Sisters Tea Tray Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Headstock: Mahogany Other: Pick Guard: Figured […]

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Da Holoholo

Da Holoholo

This Baritone Ukulele is just fo’ dat!  When we cruise out with our friends to go kanikapila, we’d always bring all kine sounds, but nevah fo’get da Baritone! Whether you tune ‘em like one guitah, or regula’ kine tuning for one ukulele, it’s always got the big sound. Beautiful and full of warm feelings, the

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