The Gilman Model (SOLD)

I met UkeKurt and felt a kin-ship right away. He had dreamed about a beautiful ukulele and described it in detail to me. Immediately, I wanted to build it.

I wanted a super beautiful looking masterpiece that had even greater resonance and sound quality than anything I had previously built. Enhanced design changes like a mortise and tenon neck connection for better sound conductivity between the neck and the body, a radiused fretboard, “reversed headstock” that was narrower at the top to attend to the string stress caused by the angle the strings made at the back of the nut, a comfort edge at the lower bout that is “hidden” by rounding the top and side yet keeping the glue connection strong by special solid bracing inside. Of course custom neck widths and thicknesses and the scrimshaw name plate to put it over the edge! A masterful player, UkeKurt manages Hawaiian and other Polynesian music masterfully – I believe he makes the Gilman model sound as good as it can!

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Instrument #62-T
Name:The Gilman Model
Body Type:Figure Eight
Type of Build:Elite


Top:Figured Tasmanian Blackwood
Sides:Figured Tasmanian Blackwood
Back:Figured Tasmanian Blackwood
Headstock:Figured Tasmanian Blackwood

Cut Away: Figured Tasmanian Blackwood

Binding: Figured Tasmanian Blackwood with Black Pinline

Rosette: Custom Basic