The Sasai Model 1 (SOLD)

It was a crowded show at the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival when I heard:



“I’d like a Koa tenor ukulele. I really love this one you have on display. I love the way it sounds, but it’s way over the top, with all the figured wood and contrasting Ebony fretboard. Can I just get a ‘more normal’ Koa? Not so flashy?”

I responded, “Sure, your wish is by command.”

About eight months of work and some trial and error in carving the Kanji (Japanese calligraphy), the finished product was delivered to him. When I got home, I saw this e-mail:

“Hey Ross, I’m so jazzed by the look of my ukulele! It really came out how I envisioned it! I really like the raw simplicity of its look, the way you inlaid the Kanji was brilliant, you are a real artist! It really fits my personality and my vision! I hope it sounds as good as it looks! THANKS SO MUCH!”

Even better than building these instruments, I love knowing how it makes people truly happy to have one.



Instrument #70-T
Name:The Sasai Model 1
Body Type:Figure Eight
Type of Build:Elite


Top:Big Island Koa
Sides:Big Island Koa
Back:Big Island Koa
Fretboard:Madagascar Rosewood
Bridge:Madagascar Rosewood
Headstock:Madagascar Rosewood

Binding: Koa
Rosette: Mosaic