Hot Chocolate

Evening rolls down after a hard day on the ranch – ranch hands and pi-pi alike are resting.  The sun starts to set and light paints the sky with bright colors. The trade winds rustle through the tall grass near the lanai.  The electric kettle whistles and milk is warmed on the stove.  Finely ground cacao and cane sugar all come together to make a warm desert for the cool night approaching.

Pick up the Hot Chocolate and relax.  Warm and sweet – coloring the palate of your mind – the sweet tune from the strings completes the mood.

This is “The Hot Chocolate”. Drink it. Play it. Embrace its tranquility…



Instrument # 73-T
Name: Hot Chocolate
Size: Tenor
Body Type: Figure Eight
Type of Build: Basic


Top: Chocolate Albieza
Sides: Chocolate Albieza
Back: Chocolate Albieza
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Indian Rosewood
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Headstock: Chocolate Albieza
Other: Binding: Figured Koa
Rosette: N/A